History 101: Ottawa

History 101: Ottawa – A Quick Guide to the History of Canada’s Capital City

From its humble beginnings as a frontier settlement to its role as the nation’s capital, Ottawa has come a long way. The city has grown from 10,000 residents in 1900 to well over one million today. Along the way, it has also acquired a rich history worth exploring. So if you find yourself visiting or living in Ottawa anytime soon, why not take some time to learn more about its past? From Victorian architecture to First Nations history and everything in between, this article will serve as your ultimate guide to everything you ever wanted to know about the city of Ottawa.

A Short History of Ottawa

Conveniently situated between the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River, Ottawa has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. The Algonquin First Nation tribe lived in the area before Europeans arrived, making it one of the few Canadian cities with a significant amount of indigenous history. The Algonquins called the city “adawe,” meaning “to trade.” In the 19th century, much of the land was transferred to the British government, who built a new city there and named it after the nearby Ottawa River. The city became Canada’s capital in 1857, when it was still a frontier town. Since then, it has grown from a small collection of buildings to a bustling metropolis with a diverse and vibrant culture. Ottawa’s architecture, art, and festivals are some of the city’s most celebrated features.

The Origins of Ottawa

The Ottawa River has played an integral role in Ottawa’s history and development, and it’s no surprise that the city’s name is derived from this body of water. The Ottawa River is one of the largest in Canada, and it connects with the St. Lawrence River at the southern end of Lake Ontario. Today, this river is a tourist attraction in its own right, and thousands of people visit the famous Rideau Canal each year. In the past, the Ottawa River was also an important transportation route, used by loggers, fur traders, and other settlers. The area around the river was also strategically important, and Ottawa played a significant role in Canada’s early conflicts with other nations.

Types of Architecture in Ottawa

Visitors to Ottawa are likely to be struck by the city’s unique architectural style. Ottawa has more than 1,000 buildings that are listed as heritage buildings, and this gives the city a distinct charm unlike anywhere else in Canada. The most prominent architectural style in Ottawa is Victorian, and this can be seen in buildings such as the Parliament Buildings. However, there are many more architectural styles evident in the city, including Gothic Revival, Romanesque Revival, Neoclassical, and Modernist. All of these architectural styles are worth exploring, and you can also visit buildings under construction to see what the city will look like in the future.

The ByWard Market: A Brief History

One of the oldest and best-known districts in Ottawa is the ByWard Market, and it’s also one of the city’s top tourist attractions. The ByWard Market is a public market that has been operating since the early 19th century, when it was called the Upper Town Market. In the early 20th century, the market was renamed the ByWard Market and was officially designated as a public market. The ByWard Market has seen many changes over the years, but it is now one of Ottawa’s most popular destinations. The market has a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other attractions, and it draws thousands of visitors each year.

Other Important Dates and Events in Ottawa’s Past

– 1867: The capital of Canada is officially moved to Ottawa.

– 1898: Ottawa hosts its first large exhibition, which has become a significant event in the city’s calendar.

– 1900: The Canadian government begins to construct the Parliament Buildings.

– 1905: The Chateau Laurier Hotel is built and becomes a popular attraction in the city.

– 1962: The National Arts Centre is completed after many years of construction.

– 2015: The Rideau Canal is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where to Find Victorian Buildings in Ottawa

Ottawa is known for its wide variety of Victorian buildings, and many of these can be found in the ByWard Market area. However, Victorian architecture is also evident in other areas of the city, and you can find a wide range of buildings from this period all over Ottawa. You might also find buildings from other periods in Ottawa, as the city has many architectural styles that are represented. The Parliament Buildings, for example, are one of the best-known examples of neo-Gothic architecture.

More about the architecture and design in Ottawa

Ottawa is known for its wide variety of beautiful architecture, and this has given the city a distinct charm. The National Arts Centre and the Parliament Buildings are among the most famous examples of Ottawa’s architectural style, and these buildings have become iconic symbols of the city. There are several other famous buildings in Ottawa, such as the Chateau Laurier Hotel. The Parliament Buildings are Ottawa’s most famous buildings, and they were designed by architect Thomas Fuller. The buildings are made of limestone, sandstone, and marble, and they represent a wide variety of architectural styles. Even though Ottawa is a modern city, it still has links to its past. You can see these links in the architecture and design of the city’s buildings, many of which are beautiful examples of Victorian architecture.


If you love history, you will love Ottawa. This city has an incredibly rich history that dates all the way back to the very beginnings of Canada. Whether you want to learn about indigenous culture or about how the city became the capital of Canada, you can find out all about it in Ottawa. This city is a treasure trove of fascinating history, and it’s well worth exploring if you find yourself in Canada’s capital city.

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Young Canadians Are Buying More Homes During the Pandemic

The pandemic has had an incredible impact on many peoples biggest life decisions. From selling or buying homes, to delaying or changing wedding plans, to cancelling birthdays and reimagining retirement entirely – it is without a doubt that the impact of the pandemic on peoples lives will be unforgettable. 


One interesting way that the pandemic has had an affect on many of our clients here at Capital Mortgages is that “nearly one in five young Canadians aged 18-34 say the pandemic has accelerated their plans to purchase a home or investment property, according to a recent Scotiabank survey.” Read on to learn what is motivating them to do this.


1. Interest Rates have Dropped

The current low interest rates have catapulted many young peoples decisions to buy homes now, rather than later. Even if home prices have not dropped substantially, the remarkably low interest rates are making purchasing a new home accessible for many buyers who did not have this option pre-pandemic. 


2. The Purpose of the Home has been Redefined

Suddenly, with working from home, homeschooling, eating in more often and even working out from home, the home has been completely redefined. Many people are looking for more space, or rather, more functional space, to do each of these new things we did not previously do from home. 


3. Outdoor Space has become Essential

While urban dwellers have certainly embraced daily walks during the pandemic, there is nothing more valuable, especially to young families, then having ones own outdoor space to play. Many people are seeking new homes with more space inside and out. 


4. Optimism about Price Drops has Increased

Young Canadians are eager and optimistic that home prices will fall drastically due to the pandemic, and therefore, they are making plans to buy but sitting patiently to make the offer. 


5. Cottages are Calling

Many young Canadians who cannot afford to buy in high-priced urban centres have retreated to buying their rural pandemic-friendly retreat. From fixer uppers to dream country escapes, Canadians are taking these low interest rates and hard times to secure their future. 


Canadians are spending an astronomically bigger amount of time inside their houses and the overall value of owning a home has become highlighted during this pandemic, especially when public spaces were (are) closed down. If you are interested in purchasing a new or second home, an investment property or a dream cottage, contact our team to get pre-approved for your mortgage today.

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6 Reasons to be Thankful for Living in Ottawa

As we look forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in the beautiful city of Ottawa, we decided to put together a list of all the reasons we are thankful to be living in our Nation’s Capital. Ranked the best place to live in Canada by MoneySense in both 2016 and 2017, Ottawa blends city living with a small town feel — making it a popular choice of residence for many people. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love living in Ottawa!



Ottawa boasts an abundance of beautiful green space. With its many hiking and biking trails, you can explore everything the city has to offer without driving a car. Ottawa is also not far from the stunning vistas of Gatineau Park, a popular destination for outdoor lovers — any season!



In recent years, Ottawa’s culinary scene has exploded. From haute cuisine to hidden hole-in-the-wall eateries, this growing foodie movement means that whatever your taste, you’ll find something to satisfy it in Ottawa.



The city of Ottawa has a rich and interesting history, and there are a number of places to go to learn more about the city and its past. You can stroll along the Rideau Canal —  the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America and, during the winter, the longest ice skating rink in the world. Or you could take a stroll around Parliament Hill and learn about Canada’s political past. The bustling Byward Market is also filled with historical treasures just waiting to be explored!



One of Ottawa’s cultural hubs is the NAC, where you can experience the best in music, theatre, comedy and dance. If you’re a fan of music festivals, Ottawa can scratch that itch too — the city plays host to a number of festivals throughout the year, such as Bluesfest, CityFolk, Escapade and the Ottawa Jazz Festival. If world-class museums and art galleries are more your thing, visit the Museum of History, the War Museum, the National Gallery of Canada, or the recently renovated Ottawa Art Gallery.



There’s no denying that Ottawa is a fantastic city in which to raise a family. It boasts great schools and healthcare, and is economically stable. As many homebuyers are getting priced out of bigger cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, Ottawa has remained affordable.



The recent expansion of the Rideau Centre has brought many popular high-end stores to Ottawa, turning the mall into a shopaholic’s dream. For those shoppers looking for something a little more unique, there are plenty of fantastic local businesses and boutiques in the Byward Market, Westboro and Hintonburg.


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The Best Things To Do in Ottawa for Newcomers

Are you a newcomer to Ottawa? Welcome! We love this city, and are pretty certain you will love it too. Whether you enjoy adventuring outdoors or prefer to stay within city limits, Ottawa has something fun to offer everyone. If you haven’t visited our fair city before, there are a number of things that should be on your Ottawa to-do list. Here are a few of our favourites:


Parliament Hill

What’s a trip to the nation’s capital without a trip to Parliament Hill? Parliament is one of Ottawa’s top attractions and a must-see for any first time visitor to the city. There is always an interesting event happening on the Hill! In the summer months, make sure to catch Northern Lights, the stunning Sound and Light Show. This incredible show projects colourful visual displays onto the Parliament Buildings to the sound of music and spoken words.


Rideau Canal

Whether you visit in the summer or winter months, the Rideau Canal should definitely be on your list! In the winter, the Canal is turned into the longest ice skating rink in the world! Nothing beats a hot chocolate and a Beavertail on the frozen Canal after a refreshing icy skate. During summer, take a boat cruise along the Canal, which travels directly through Ottawa’s downtown core.



Ottawa has a number of world-class museums, whatever your interests may be! Learn all about Canadian military history at the Canadian War Museum, be amazed by the beautiful works of art at the National Gallery of Canada, and have fun learning something new at the Canada Science and Technology Museum!


Adventures on the Ottawa River

More of the outdoorsy type? Head for a whitewater adventure on the Ottawa River! There are options to raft or kayak, in both the city and further down the river about an hour’s drive from downtown Ottawa. Whether you’re a seasoned thrillseeker or are just looking to dip your toe (pun intended!) into something new, you’ll find the perfect whitewater experience for you.



One of the most scenic ways to enjoy Ottawa’s sights is by bike! Ottawa has a number of bike paths running all over the city, making it a breeze to travel across the city. On Sunday mornings in the summer, the National Capital Commission (NCC) closes a number of roads to keep them free for cyclists, runners and pedestrians.


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Capital Mortgages and HealthPartners Announces Unique Partnership for Our Health


They say a person’s home is their castle and that being healthy is being wealthy. There’s a natural fit between health and home — and the importance of both in our quality of life — which is why a new, unique partnership between HealthPartners and Capital Mortgages Inc. is so exciting!


This latest partnership represents more than a new fundraising avenue for HealthPartners, which connects people to health information, resources and life-saving and enhancing research through its 16 well-known and trusted health charities. Through Capital Mortgages, HealthPartners will also be reaching a new and different employee and customer base. Employees, consultants and brokers who work for Capital Mortgages, as well as ordinary Canadians who use the company’s brokerage services to buy a home.


“We all live in neighbourhoods and communities of every shape and size across Canada,” says Eileen Dooley, Chief Executive Officer of HealthPartners. “Just as HealthPartners is a connector to more than 1,200 health programs in communities across the country, helping to improve the health and well-being of Canadians who are impacted by chronic illness or a major disease, Capital Mortgages is a connector, helping people buy a home that fits their financial future. This is a perfect partnership because together we can make an impact not only on the financial health of home owners but on their personal health as well.”


This includes mental health and well-being, a strong interest of Capital Mortgages. “Given HealthPartners’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to the connection between physical and mental health — what HealthPartners calls ‘the mind–body connection’ — we felt there was an opportunity to educate and support our employees in this area,” says Andrew Furino of Capital Mortgages.


“HealthPartners’ study on this connection clearly illustrates the impact that chronic disease and other serious illnesses along with mental illnesses have on the workplace. We can marshal the resources of HealthPartners’ 16 member health charities to engage our employees and promote wellness programs that create healthier employees,” he adds.


“It’s a win–win partnership.”


“This unique partnership offers an exciting new opportunity for HealthPartners and our member charities to spread our message, connect more Canadians with the health information and resources they need, and enhance the ability of our members to engage in life-saving research,” adds Ms. Dooley. “We are thrilled that HealthPartners is viewed as an important partner in Capital Mortgages’ social responsibility platform.”

Five out of Five Stars!

When my husband and I fell in love with a cottage in 2010, we were first-time buyers, self-employed, and terrified. In that state I contacted Donna Mahoney, explaining that with our complete lack of experience we needed someone to hold our hand every step of the way, and was she willing to do that?

Without any hesitation, Donna took us on, guiding us through the many steps we needed to take, encouraging us, patiently answering all our questions, standing by us until that wonderful day when our dream became reality and we owned our own place on our own land. Five years later it was time for us to take the next step: after decades of renting in town, we would try to find a house we could afford in the part of town we wanted to live in.

Still self-employed, which always makes purchasing a home more challenging, I unhesitatingly contacted Donna. Within minutes of my email to her, Donna wrote back asking the relevant preparatory questions and helping us get ready to put in an offer.

With her typical calm, professional way of doing things, she helped us prepare documents, patiently doing and re-doing the math with us, finding the best terms, the best mortgage rates, and working against time because we had the additional stress of having to meet our seller’s very tight deadline.

We moved into the perfect house in July 2015. Looking back today, I know we could never have managed these two huge challenges without Donna’s expertise and moral support. And on top of all that, we seem to have a better mortgage rate for each of our properties than anyone else I’ve ever spoken to! Five out of five stars for Donna Mahoney!!

Margaret L.

Real Client Service at Capital Mortgages

I want to thank you for all the help, advice and assistance in getting my mortgage sorted out. From the start you have been so helpful and always available whenever I needed you. Your office is efficient and organized, it’s such a pleasure working with you.

When my lawyer’s office let me down on closing day, you were there. After I talked to you on the phone, I told my husband “It’s all good now, they’re on it.” I just knew that the issue would be resolved, and that is worth more than I can express, especially on closing day when not having your keys means delays in the move, extra cost to re-book movers, trucks, etc.

Real client service is unfortunately becoming a lost art, but it’s alive and well at Capital Mortgages!

I have been recommending you for years to friends and family, and will continue to do so.

Thanks again,

Martynn C.