About Us

Welcome to Capital Mortgages

Capital Mortgages Inc is an independent brokerage in the Mortgage Centre Canada Network and one of Ontario’s leading real estate mortgage brokerages with offices in Ottawa and the valley. Capital Mortgages opened in January 1999 and has since serviced thousands of clients and arranged several billion dollars in mortgages.


Capital Mortgages specializes as a service-oriented brokerage that prides itself on integrity and maintaining a service level second to none in the industry. Whether you are looking to purchase a principal residence, a revenue producing property, or are preparing to refinance existing loans and mortgages, our team of mortgage brokers and agents will offer seamless solutions.


Our mandate is to offer the best financing products available for all your mortgage needs. We take pride in delivering the best possible solution and fully realize that mortgages today are so much more than just rates. We understand that today’s consumer is looking for optimum mortgages with minimum inconvenience, lower borrowing costs, sustainable peace of mind, and increased personal wealth by becoming mortgage free sooner.


At Capital Mortgages we strive to be your personal mortgage broker for life. By focusing on great solutions, compassionate relationships, and honest ethics, we are proud to experience an ever-increasing number of satisfied clientele.

Capital Mortgages is the best choice for First Time Home Buyers. Contact Us today to see how we can help with that new home purchase.

Why work with Capital Mortgages?

There are so many advantages of using a mortgage broker. Some reasons are:

  • The ability to compare many different types of mortgages without having your credit report pulled each and every time.
  • You have access to a variety of lenders, different mortgage products and different rates with a single point of contact here at Capital Mortgages.
  • Greater flexibility when finding the right time to meet with your broker. Options to have phone and/or video meetings and eventually in-person meetings.
  • Access to your mortgage broker’s in-depth industry knowledge and specifically the area you are looking at.
  • Our service is free. For the majority of mortgages we are paid by the lender that ultimately provides your mortgage for you.
  • Mortgage brokers are independent third parties who can negotiate on your behalf to get you the right mortgage for your needs

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