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Closed, Open, and Convertible Mortgages: Understanding Your Options

Can’t decide between a closed, open or convertible mortgage? There are many factors to consider such as your financial goals and how soon you want to pay off your mortgage.

Closed Mortgage

They are usually the better choice if you’re not planning to pay off your mortgage in the short term. Interest rates for it are generally lower than for open term mortgages. They offer you the ability to save on interest costs and payoff your mortgage faster. You will pay a prepayment charge if you wish to renegotiate your interest rate, prepay more than your mortgage allows or pay off your mortgage balance prior to the end of its term.

Convertible Closed Mortgage

A convertible mortgage gives you the same benefits as a closed mortgage, but can be converted to a longer, closed term at any time without prepayment charges.

Open Mortgage

Open term mortgages may be appealing if you are planning to pay off your mortgage in the near future. They can be repaid either in part or in full at any time without prepayment charges. Open mortgages can be converted to any other term, at any time, without a prepayment charge. Interest rates for open mortgages are generally higher than for closed mortgages because of the added pre-payment flexibility.

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