Capital Mortgages opened in January 1999 and has since serviced thousands of clients and arranged several billion dollars in mortgages in Ottawa area.

Home Renovations That Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Thinking of selling your home? Lucky for you, Ottawa is currently experiencing a resounding seller’s market, with the average price of homes sitting at a historical all-time high. To generate even more income from the sale of your property, why not consider some of the following renovations to increase its total value?

Finish your basement

This is a great way to add more heated square footage to your home and increase your home’s value by about $50,000 on average.

Open up your floor plan to create space

Today’s buyers prefer open concept living spaces that combine the kitchen, living room and dining room. Invest in knocking out the walls between these spaces to create a wide-open, inviting room that will attract potential buyers.

Increase closet space

Living in Canada with four seasons, extra closet space for seasonal wardrobes is always welcome! 

Modernize kitchens and bathrooms

You don’t necessarily have to completely overhaul your home’s kitchen and bathrooms, but a minor remodel that will modernize them by incorporating new cabinet fronts or hardware will instantly boost your home’s value.

Improve your home’s curb appeal

A new front door, clean landscaping and nice outdoor lighting fixtures are just some of the ways that you can wow potential buyers when they first see your home. These are quick, easy improvements that greatly boost your home’s physical appearance upon first glance.

Replace carpets with hardwood floors

Carpeted floors are a thing of the past! Modern buyers are interested in hardwood floors throughout the house and will add in their own accent rugs to warm up a space.

Redo the roof

If your home is due for a new roof, replacing yours can recover 107% of its cost at the time of resale and will set your property apart from similar homes for sale in the neighbourhood.

Install a smart thermostat

These types of thermostats can adjust your home’s energy consumption and lower your utilities costs. They’re currently ranked as one of the three most-wanted home technologies by prospective buyers.


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Capital Mortgages opened in January 1999 and has since serviced thousands of clients and arranged several billion dollars in mortgages in Ottawa area.

5 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Pandemic

Due to the unprecedented amount of time people are now spending in their homes, the demand for larger homes has increased. People are selling their previous dream homes for new ones that can accommodate everything from online learning to at-home workouts to working from home. This has led to a unique situation where folks are putting their homes up for sale and buying new ones despite the global pandemic. If you are one of these people, read this blog for some important tips for selling your home during the pandemic.

1. Don’t undervalue your home:

While you may feel like you need to make changes rapidly, do not make an emotional decision and put your home up for sale at a low price out of fear. According to studies, there continues to be low inventory on the market and therefore prices are remaining in tact. Moreover, low interest rates are enabling buyers to spend more than they may have a year ago.

2. Sell safely:

While many open houses have gone completely virtual, if you are planning on having an in-person open house, be sure to wear a mask, have gloves and sanitizer on hand, and deep clean your home before and after potential buyers come through. Be ready for virtual appraisals, inspections and bidding wars too!

3. Boost your curb appeal:

Due to the limiting of open house and in-person home visits, potential buyers are more likely to look at the front of your home again and again. From front yard gardening to decorating to a fresh coat of paint, try to improve your curb appeal for all those drive-by potential buyers. 

4. Be Patient:

The virus has changed the way the world works, and you cannot rush the process right now. This may result in a lot of last minute cancellations due to illness or delayed closings due to inspection or appraisal bookings.

5. Go for it:

It is still a great time to list your home, especially considering how many other people are aching for a new space, different space or more space in their own home in order to manage this new at-home focussed life. If you want to sell, go for it!

Are you planning on selling your home during the pandemic, and are looking for a team that you can trust to help you secure a new mortgage loan for a new home, contact us at Capital Mortgages today.  

Capital Mortgages opened in January 1999 and has since serviced thousands of clients and arranged several billion dollars in mortgages in Ottawa area.

Young Canadians Are Buying More Homes During the Pandemic

The pandemic has had an incredible impact on many peoples biggest life decisions. From selling or buying homes, to delaying or changing wedding plans, to cancelling birthdays and reimagining retirement entirely – it is without a doubt that the impact of the pandemic on peoples lives will be unforgettable. 


One interesting way that the pandemic has had an affect on many of our clients here at Capital Mortgages is that “nearly one in five young Canadians aged 18-34 say the pandemic has accelerated their plans to purchase a home or investment property, according to a recent Scotiabank survey.” Read on to learn what is motivating them to do this.


1. Interest Rates have Dropped

The current low interest rates have catapulted many young peoples decisions to buy homes now, rather than later. Even if home prices have not dropped substantially, the remarkably low interest rates are making purchasing a new home accessible for many buyers who did not have this option pre-pandemic. 


2. The Purpose of the Home has been Redefined

Suddenly, with working from home, homeschooling, eating in more often and even working out from home, the home has been completely redefined. Many people are looking for more space, or rather, more functional space, to do each of these new things we did not previously do from home. 


3. Outdoor Space has become Essential

While urban dwellers have certainly embraced daily walks during the pandemic, there is nothing more valuable, especially to young families, then having ones own outdoor space to play. Many people are seeking new homes with more space inside and out. 


4. Optimism about Price Drops has Increased

Young Canadians are eager and optimistic that home prices will fall drastically due to the pandemic, and therefore, they are making plans to buy but sitting patiently to make the offer. 


5. Cottages are Calling

Many young Canadians who cannot afford to buy in high-priced urban centres have retreated to buying their rural pandemic-friendly retreat. From fixer uppers to dream country escapes, Canadians are taking these low interest rates and hard times to secure their future. 


Canadians are spending an astronomically bigger amount of time inside their houses and the overall value of owning a home has become highlighted during this pandemic, especially when public spaces were (are) closed down. If you are interested in purchasing a new or second home, an investment property or a dream cottage, contact our team to get pre-approved for your mortgage today.

Staging Tips to Sell a Home Fast

Top 10 Staging Tips to Sell a Home Fast

In several city centers throughout North America, housing prices are on the rise and continue to climb. If you have a home that you’re considering selling, now would be an excellent time to do so.

If you want to get top-dollar for your home then you need to make it eye-catching, pleasant, and visually appealing. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so you want the home to appear attractive and appealing from the moment a prospective client first sets eyes on the property to the moment they leave.

In most situations, a client already has a home judged before they even take a step inside. Following is a list of effective home staging tips you used to increase the value of your home and help you get the price you’re asking or more.

1. Exterior Presentation:

Make the front yard presentable by keeping the lawn well-manicured with clean, defined edging. You can also add color by adding flowers leading to the front door. The first impression by a potential home buyer will be made from the condition of the exterior of your home.

2. Paint:

If the interior or exterior of your home hasn’t been painted in years, the cost of a paint job will significantly add to its value and help it sell quickly.

3. Interior Considerations:

A potential purchaser needs to visualize each room as their own, so remove as many of your personal items as possible. If a potential client sees family photos, loads of furniture, and personal items everywhere they will be much less likely to make the purchase.

4. Pets:

Although we all love our pets, if you want to sell your home then they shouldn’t be on the premises during showings. Be sure the entire house has a fresh, clean scent as well.

5. Lighting:

Recessed lighting, chandeliers, and ceiling fans can be purchased at very reasonable prices from large retailers and online stores, it could increase the selling point of your home to replace or change the lighting in certain areas of the home such as the kitchen, bath, or living room.

6. Kitchen:

The kitchen is the hottest selling point for most homes and should be in top condition. Spending some money on new cabinets, counter tops, lighting, flooring, and new stainless steel appliances will help the home move quickly on the market. However, be careful because you don’t want to spend more than you’ll get back when you sell the property.


A comfortable bathroom is a great selling point for any home; lighting, fixtures, and flooring should be in top condition.

7. Furniture:

Remove oversized sofas and minimize the furniture in the home. Too many furnishing can make rooms feel smaller than they really are. Instead, use small groupings that offer plenty of space around them.

8. Carpet:

Replace worn and faded carpet; the money you spend on new carpet will be recovered when you sell the home, and it will help the house sell fast.

9. Clutter:

The entire home should be free of clutter; the client wants to picture themselves in the home, not others.

10. Overall Appearance:

Check the overall appearance of your home with a critical eye, replace screens and lights where necessary and view the property as if you were making the purchase.

These suggestions will help you get the price you’re asking in only a short period of time.