Interest-Only Mortgages


Interest-only mortgages are a form of home financing where the borrower pays only the interest on the principal balance for a specific period, often 5-10 years. After this period, the loan often converts to a traditional mortgage where both principal and interest payments are made, or the borrower might need to refinance. 

The question is, with Ottawa’s unique housing market dynamics, are interest-only mortgages a good fit for its residents? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. 

Pros of Interest-Only Mortgages for Ottawa Residents: 

  • Lower Initial Payments: The most obvious benefit is the reduced monthly payment during the interest-only period. This can be particularly appealing for individuals with variable income streams, such as self-employed professionals or those in the tech startups scene, which is burgeoning in Ottawa. 
  • Flexibility in Investment: The money saved from lower payments can be used for other investments. Considering Ottawa’s growing economy, residents might find other appealing local investment opportunities. 
  • Property Flipping: For those interested in short-term property investments in areas of Ottawa that are rapidly appreciating, interest-only mortgages might make sense. They can purchase a property, make only interest payments, and then sell the property (ideally at a profit) before the principal repayment phase kicks in. 

Cons of Interest-Only Mortgages for Ottawa Residents: 

  • Future Financial Burden: Once the interest-only period concludes, monthly payments can spike significantly when principal payments commence. Ottawa’s high property values can mean substantial principal amounts, leading to potentially challenging future payments. 
  • Home Equity Stagnation: During the interest-only period, homeowners aren’t building any equity unless the property value appreciates. In a stable market, or if there’s a downturn, Ottawa residents might find themselves in a position where they owe more than their home is worth. 
  • Potential for Higher Overall Costs: Over the lifespan of the loan, Ottawa residents might end up paying more in interest with an interest-only mortgage than they would with a traditional one. 
  • Market Volatility: If Ottawa’s property market experiences a downturn, homeowners with interest-only mortgages could be particularly vulnerable, especially if they’re nearing the end of their interest-only period and haven’t seen significant appreciation in their property’s value. 

So, are they a good fit? 

The answer largely depends on individual financial situations, risk tolerance, and future plans: 

  • Short-Term Residents: If someone plans to live in Ottawa for only a few years and believes in property appreciation, this type of mortgage might be suitable. 
  • Investors with Diversification Plans: For those using the mortgage as a strategy to free up cash for other investments, it might be a fit, provided they’re comfortable with the associated risks. 
  • Long-Term Residents with Stability: For individuals or families planning to stay in their Ottawa home for the long haul, especially if they have stable incomes, traditional mortgages might offer more peace of mind. 


Interest-only mortgages can be a strategic tool, but they come with significant risks. Given Ottawa’s unique market dynamics and economic factors, residents should meticulously evaluate these pros and cons, ideally with the guidance of a financial advisor or mortgage specialist, before making a decision. 


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