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Open houses can create hype, meet potential clients, and improve offers. With these simple tips for a great open house you can rest assured that your listing will be viewed in the best possible light.

How to Host a Successful Open House

Refrain from the use of air fresheners, perfumes, and scented candles. Research shows 30 percent of people visiting houses found foreign scents distracting. Remove odors for carpets and furnishings with a thorough cleansing and ventilation.

Be Sure to Eliminate Clutter

Remove all unused items and clutter from the interiors and exteriors. Items that reflect personal preferences should be stored. Reduce the contents inside the cupboards as it may be examined by potential buyers.

Pets should not be Present Before a Viewing

Pets may cause destruction and introduce odors. Many people lose interest in a property that is frequented by pets. Damage caused by animals must be repaired beforehand.

Property Owners must not Remain During an Open House

Sellers should leave the viewing to the agent. Remaining within the home could reveal an emotional attachment for the property. It often makes buyers feel uncomfortable.

Address all Toilet Lids

Keep the toilet lids closed. It is not inviting for a buyer to look into the bowl. Place the lid down and keep it that way.

Create Attractive Entryways for Buyers

The entrance to a home can create a first and lasting impression. Clear dead plants and clean dust. Add neutral decorative items including a smart chair or wreath.

How to Add Light

When brighter light is introduced, creates a real sense of spaciousness. Provide this space with a thorough scrub and polish. Prior to the open house, change the curtains or blinds and move furniture around that will allow more natural light to enter the space.

Present Information Uniquely

Digital platforms are popular, but should be combined with traditional options. Conventional print remains a suitable means of advertising. Placing a printed note or card with a buyer provides something tangible to refer to.

How Slideshows can Improve Good offers

A laptop and photo boards reveal images of the home through seasonal changes. Photographs allow a buyer to determine what a house looks like at specific times of the year. Such measures are modern and innovative leaving a positive impression with the buyer.

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