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The purchase of one’s new home is often one of the largest investments made by
an individual during the lifetime. You want the purchase and the aftermath to be a
satisfactory experience. A wise action that should be taken before making the
home choice is to arrange for a home inspection. Not checking for defects can
cause costly and unpleasant surprises on closing and move-in day. Here are
some reasons why a home inspection is essential before buying.

The legal system has determined that two rules apply. In Canada, a seller
doesn’t have to point out defects that are visible to a prospective buyer. On the
other hand, the seller cannot make any effort to conceal obvious defects from
the buyer. To a prospective buyer, this conflict between the two side of this
issue can be confusing at best. It is particularly problematic if the buyer is
unfamiliar with the codes and regulation that apply in many locales.

When looking at a potential purchase, it is the buyer’s responsibility to perform
due diligence on the property before making an offer. The windows should open
and the artwork moved to check the walls behind. The rugs should be lifted and
any items on the counters should be moved to check for defects. Appliances
should work properly, electrical outlets should be live and the faucets

The list goes on and on. Many things which should be checked require
knowledge that a homebuyer would be unlikely to have. Even a contractor
brought in to look over the premises may be well qualified in one area such as
electrical wiring, but know nothing about roofing or foundations. For this reason,
a reliable and knowledgeable inspector is a must for protection against
extensive and costly problems with the property.

An inspector goes over every inch of the property. Compliance with health and
safety standards is checked and approved. Each of the results are shown to
potential buyers so that they are fully informed before the offer to purchase is

When a buyer doesn’t see potential problems they can be costly. If the courts
determine that they should have seen the problems, there is an expensive
series of repairs or renovations that might be necessary. Conversely, if a legal
battle is settled in favor of the buyer, the seller may be responsible for extensive
damages and even criminal charges. These are some of the reasons why a
home inspection is essential before buying.

Just as your Capital Mortgage Broker for a referral of a Home Inspector in Ottawa. We would be glad to assist you.

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