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Important Home Maintenance Tasks for Fall

Ottawa is truly beautiful in the fall. The leaves on the trees turn from green to breathtaking shades of russet, ochre and crimson, while the crisp fall air provides a refreshing change from the humidity of summer. Fall is a time of transition, and this transition should also apply to our homes as we get ready for the coming winter months. By undertaking a few small home maintenance projects now, we can ensure the health of our homes throughout the colder weather. Our team has gathered together a few important fall home exterior maintenance tips for you:


Rake leaves

Taking care of your lawn is not just something to consider during the summer months, you should continue to do so during the fall and winter months as well. Make sure to rake up any leaves before the first snow falls. Leaves left under a layer of snow can rot and smother the grass, meaning you won’t have a lovely green lawn to show off when spring arrives.


Mow the lawn

Once you have raked up any fallen leaves, mow your lawn. Mowing the lawn is something that should be done regularly. Frequent mowing keeps your lawn under control and stops the long grass from becoming a hiding place for rodents and other small creatures, who may scurry into your home given half the chance.


Clean the gutters

Cleaning out gutters is far from an enjoyable outdoor task, but it is an important one! Clear your gutters of any rotten leaves, sticks or other debris to prevent them from overflowing with water in the case of a heavy rainfall this fall or winter.


Fix driveway cracks

If left untreated, any cracks in your driveway could pose a huge problem this winter. When snow falls and settles into the cracks, it could cause the concrete to freeze and then expand, making the cracks even bigger. Depending on the material of your driveway, find an appropriate product to fix cracks in the fall and avoid winter damage altogether.


Touch up chipped paint

Paint protects the exterior of your home. If paint is flaking or chipped, it means the protective layer is compromised. Chips and cracks could let in moisture, which cause mould and rot. To avoid this issue, make sure to touch up any chipped or flaking paint on the exterior of your home this fall.


Remove moss

Moss may look attractive covering your home but it can actually cause huge problems for both your home’s exterior and interior. Moss holds a lot of water, which can seep into your roof and, if left untreated, eventually inside your home. To avoid water damage or mould issues caused by moss, remove it before it has a chance to spread.


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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Now that December is finally here, we’re eagerly looking forward to the holiday season and to celebrating with friends and family. However, before we know it, snow will blanket the ground and we’ll be undercover for the next few months. Whether you’re a fan of winter or not, you need to make sure your home is properly prepared to see you safely through the winter months. Though home maintenance tasks can be time-consuming and often tedious, they are important in ensuring both the longevity of your home and comfort throughout the winter. Here are a few winter home maintenance tips to ensure your home is ready for the season:


Check your heating

When winter hits, you’ll want to make sure your heating works! Don’t get caught short (and cold!) this winter, turn your furnace on now and make sure there are no issues. If it isn’t functioning well and you notice any problems, get it inspected by a professional. Now is also a good time to check your air filters, and change them if necessary.


Inspect your roof

During the winter, your roof will be working overtime to protect your home and spare you the worst of the wintry conditions. Before the snow falls, get up there and take a look to make sure there are no loose shingles or exposed areas which could cause leaks. The last thing you want is water seeping through into your attic!


Protect your pipes

Are your pipes creaking and making strange noises? The weather may have affected them and, in that case, you should really have them checked out. Frozen pipes can be a real issue as the ice build-up causes them to crack or break, causing some serious damage for your home. Wrap your pipes with foam or fiberglass insulation to protect them from freezing temperatures. Also make sure to turn off any exterior water or drain hoses as you don’t want the water in the lines to freeze and burst the pipes.


Clean up your yard

Clear your yard of any leaves or other debris that has gathered on your lawn after the fall season. If you have decking in your backyard, you’ll especially want to clear any leaves away as they will decompose underneath the layers of snow and cause damage to the wood beneath. Store any patio furniture away for the season, and cover up any shrubs or plants to prevent them getting frostbitten over the winter months. You’ll be glad you did come spring!


Stock up on winter supplies

Take a trip to your local home hardware store and stock up on sand or salt for the season. When the snow hits, you need to know you have the means to manage it and keep your entryways clear and safe! Take a look at your shovels or snow blower and carry out any required maintenance or replace as needed.


It always helps to be prepared, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Don’t leave things up to chance. Do you need help obtaining a mortgage this winter season? We can help! Contact a member of our experienced Capital Mortgages team today and we’ll talk you through the process.