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Re-locating might be one of the hardest things to do. Finding a great place to buy a home and live can be a difficult decision. Several factors must be put into consideration before one can buy a home in a new town. You will require a place with all the necessary amenities and affordable housing. One such place to live in is in Ottawa. There are several features that make Ottawa an interesting place to live in. Lets take a look at some of the benefits of buying a home in Ottawa.

1 A stable housing market that is easily affordable

No matter the number of features a place might have, the prices of houses must be put into consideration in this tough economic times. Those who have tried to buy a home in Toronto and Vancouver can tell the price differences with Ottawa. One can easily get a residential class property at an average of $380,000. The prices of houses in this city are very stable and rarely affected by changes in the economy like in most cities within Canada.

2 Excellent learning institutions

Ottawa has all kinds of learning institutions to suits all the education needs of your children. Both public, Catholic and private schools offer high quality education with some even offering French classes part time or full time. Some of the learning institutions include places like University of Ottawa Carleton, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College.

4 Great recreational centers and amazing nature

Ottawa is blessed with numerous parks and beautiful rivers giving the residents the outdoor experience they need without driving for kilometers to get away from the city. Many regional parks one can easily spend the afternoon. The roads have several bicycle paths allowing people to free cycle for long distances without been disturbed by traffic.

The Gatineau Park offer a wide range of activities from swimming, hiking, walking, snow shoeing and skiing. These are just but a few of the places one can visit to have fun. For sports fun, there are several teams you can cheer during the weekend like the Ottawa Redblacks football team and the Ottawa Senators for hockey.

4 Amazing arts scenes

Ottawa is home to the Canadian War Museum and the National Gallery. These are some of the places one can visit during the weekends and learn about the amazing Canadian history. For music lovers, Ottawa hosts many music festivals like FolkFest, Bluesfest and several other for live performances.

5 Easy transportation

For those who hate traffic jams, Ottawa is their ideal place with great rail and bus system that ensures commuting is made easier. The transportation is further expected to be much better with the completion of the new light rail transit.

If you are considering a move to Ottawa in the near future and have any mortgage questions our qualified team can answer for you please do not hesitate to ask.

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