Buying a New Home: Capital Mortgages Ottawa

The cold season is already here, so more and more realtors are wondering how they are going to get through this daunting period of the year for the real estate market. Traditionally, January and February are extremely slow months in this industry, as most sellers prefer to wait until March in order to buy a great house at an affordable price.

However, specialists have noticed an interesting trend – an increasing number of sellers decide to sell their houses right after Christmas or at the beginning of the year. This new trend comes with a huge opportunity for buyers, as they can find the house of their dreams at a very affordable price. Additionally, lenders and realtors are not so busy in this period of the year, so buyers can enjoy a smoother and more efficient process. In order to make the most out of your real estate deal during this winter, here are some other important tips to know.


As a buyer, it is of paramount importance to make sure you can inspect a property before buying it. In case there are some things you can’t inspect, such as the swimming pool or AC system, negotiate an extended warranty for at least 6 months. Check for moisture behind any walls and ensure that the snow on the roof does not evaporate at a quicker pace than the snow around the house, as it means that the house is not properly insulated.

Some other things you need to determine are the efficiency of the home, snow accumulation, parking spaces, potential water damages and the friendliness of the neighbours.


You need to make sure your house looks attractive and appealing to the eye. Remember, if you are not happy with how your property looks, than probably very few people would be. First off, ensure that the exterior of the house looks neat and clean, and that all Christmas lights are removed. Outdated houses or those that still have Christmas lights long after the season is over are usually unheeded by potential buyers.

Have your AC system and swimming pool inspected by a professional and offer the results to any potential buyer. Moreover, try to do the environmental audit on your home before selling it, as you want to assure your buyers that there is no moisture behind the walls and your house is properly insulated.

Whether you want to sell your house or buy a new one, by being properly prepared you can negotiate a successful winter home sale.

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