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Downtown Ottawa: A Guide to the City’s Coolest Places

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Downtown Ottawa’s Top Places to Visit

Favourite Restaurants: For a special date night, dining at one of the area’s best and most luxurious restaurants is always a go to. Anecdotally, three-Michelin Star chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurant Daniel is a must-visit for me. The buttery garlic soup, Pierre Hermé’s chocolate mousse, and their famous seared foie gras made with house made mushrooms and truffle oil are just some of my most favorite dishes in the city. Daniel is the #1 restaurant for the lobster. (Submitted by Pierre Hermé) Dining à la Nuit or à la Loire: In December, Downtown Ottawa hosts its Festive Boardwalk, featuring jazz-funk and seasonal events, as well as stunning light displays that incorporate the Jacques Cartier Bridge. If you prefer a rustic and casual dinner, Nuit Le Potage (lit.

Where to Find the Best Art Galleries and Museums in Downtown Ottawa

Canada’s Capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. In Ottawa, residents and visitors can experience the majesty of the Canadian Parliament Hill, the city’s iconic landmarks, and most importantly, their favourite museums and art galleries. In Ottawa, you can stroll through the elegant ByWard Market, indulge in delicious restaurants, and take in cultural events in the ByWard Market Theatre. With art, shopping, and the perfect dose of culture, Ottawa is Ottawa’s most fun, liveable, and exciting downtown. Where to Find the Best Pizza in Downtown Ottawa? Ottawa has two excellent locations that serve exceptional pizza – Rockpile and Mamma G’s.

Where to Find the Best Sports Clubs in Downtown Ottawa

Why wait for the start of a new season when you can discover Ottawa’s premier sports and recreation clubs right now. Whether it’s a sports bar or country club, each of these unique venues has something to offer the Ottawa community. Whether it’s a tailgate with good food and drinks, taking in the sights of the Hill, or getting a workout in with the Club’s training programs, there is something for everyone. Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Ottawa Sure, good ice cream is everywhere. But who doesn’t want to indulge in this sweet treat, surrounded by scenic river views, in the heart of Ottawa? Many ice cream shops offer a tour to take you through their homemade ice cream process.

Where to Find Your Next Favorite Restaurant, Bar or Cafe in Downtown Ottawa

With such a diverse population, a new guide has been created to assist you with your downtown Ottawa location. Ottawa is full of beautiful properties for sale, from heritage homes, to commercial properties, but it is when your attention turns to the revitalized streets of downtown that you start to find your new favourite place to be. Whether you are looking for entertainment, something to do in the evenings, or a watering hole with good food and drinks, you are sure to find something that suits you downtown. The section of Ottawa’s historic downtown known as ByWard Market is a hub for shopping and dining that is easy to navigate. You will find dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops located on both sides of Dalhousie Street.

Where to Find the Best Shopping and Clothing Stores in Downtown Ottawa

Ottawa is home to many world-renowned shops, restaurants, and local boutiques. Here are a few of our favourite places for shopping and thrifting in downtown Ottawa: Trattoria Caffè Italia is a historic Italian café, bar and restaurant serving up authentic coffee, homemade pasta, and Neapolitan style pizza. The place has been delighting Ottawa for over a decade, and it’s easy to see why—they’re completely filled with charm, and serve fantastic drinks. The indoor seating area is a gorgeous, bright oasis to sit down and unwind.

Where to Find the Best Shoe Stores in Downtown Ottawa

The streets of downtown Ottawa are lined with attractive storefronts, window displays and abundant natural lighting. With shops like Bluma Appel, Hampers and Teapress, it’s hard to miss the eclectic mix of all things good and chic. But one of the most unique and integral facets to the Ottawa area is the pedestrian shopping district. Stretching roughly one block from the Canadian Parliament buildings to the Molson Amphitheatre at Confederation Park, the pedestrian mall at Laurier Avenue is always bustling. From breakfast joints like The Keg to innovative boutiques and stylish clothing stores, you’ll find it hard to resist the flavours.

Where to Find the Best Boutiques and Second-Hand Stores in Downtown Ottawa

It doesn’t take much to kick-start your downtown rejuvenation in the nation’s capital. All it takes is a visit to the following locations that cater to your style and vision for a more unique home. Where to Go for Private Afternoon Tea in Ottawa If tea is your pleasure, this venue is a stone’s throw away from Parliament Hill. If it’s wedding season, this is the perfect spot to host your special day. It’s pricey, but it will impress your guests and they won’t want to leave! This Vintage Boutique and Toy Shop is your secret shopping and treasure hunt weapon for finding the perfect antique or retro treasures that complement your home décor and the neighbourhood vibe.

Where to Find Your Next Favorite Home Décor Store in Downtown Ottawa

Looking for your next cool new home decor store in the heart of Ottawa? While exploring the city’s “happening” downtown, be sure to stop in these hotspots! Location: Plaza Athenee & Rue Potocki, Ottawa At just 21-years old, The Closet Article has caught the eye of the Ottawa market with its unique “to die for” offerings for both the kitchen and bath. Having two locations, the Annex and the Ottawa River, which is located on a bluff overlooking the Ottawa River, the store’s charm is in the details and the interior décor that integrates a clean, yet luxurious look. If you love furniture, you will love The Closet Article because the staff is so knowledgeable and helpful.

In conclusion, though the demographic is rapidly changing, the city has managed to retain its amazing urban feel, excellent amenities and reasonable costs, and it is a city that is both full of history and welcoming to visitors. Even with the challenging economic times faced recently, there is an underlying optimism that it is only a matter of time before the recession is firmly behind us. Duck Boat Tours is an experienced group of travel professionals, passionate about providing Canadians and our visitors from around the world with unique and informative travel experiences. We are passionate about life-long learning and empowering individuals and businesses to live healthier and happier lives.

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