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Ottawa Restaurants and Cafes

The Best Places to Eat in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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The Best Places to Stop by and Get a Cuppa, Ottawa

There are a lot of coffee shops in Ottawa. Is there a coffee shop you go to every day? If so, we’ll let you in on some secret: the best place to get a cup of coffee in Ottawa is not always the place where you go every day.

According to July 2021 TripAdvisor ratings: Bridgehead, The Wild Oat and The Happy Goat Coffee Co.
These 3 café’s offer a little something for all you coffee lovers out there.

Ottawa Bars

To the victor go the spoils. In the annual battle to see who will be crowned Ottawa’s best dive bar, a squad of long-time competitors moved up to the next round. But the top dog is still King Clancy’s. It’s been serving drinks to Ottawa for over 35 years and is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Clancy’s, which serves up cheap beers and a completely unremarkable menu, is the pub of choice for many Ottawa newcomers because it’s where they met their future partners. Other finalists: Odd Fellows Lounge, Queen Street East The Coin, Bank Street and Lisgar All-American Bar, Slater Street Punch Bowl Social Ottawa, Lebreton Flats Brass Monkey, Rideau Street Plays Last month, Canadian Theatre Centre presented the world premiere of Sami Kingham’s Stop Kiss at the Bank Street Theatre.

Ottawa Nightlife

Ottawa pubs and restaurants can be found on the Rideau Canal, on the banks of the Ottawa River. It’s a great place to watch the sunset while you drink a craft beer. A large part of Ottawa’s downtown has been made into a pedestrian-only zone, in addition to having great restaurants and bars, the city has a very active nightlife scene. One of the Ottawa’s better known nightlife venues is Barrymore’s. It’s been called “one of Canada’s most beautiful restaurants, with a wonderful bar.” The main menu there is prepared by Chef Grant Lawrence. It’s a great place to get an Irish pub meal in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Best Restaurants in Ottawa You’ll find restaurants of all kinds in the city of Ottawa. Here are the restaurants on this list you should visit when you are in town.


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