10 Brilliant & Decorative Home Organization Hacks



You can easily find gorgeous home décor and useful storage solutions (i.e., storage bins), but it’s harder to find a combination of the two. Areas where home organization solutions are needed are often areas that will also be on full display to guests so, ideally, they should function as tools to de-clutter while still adding to the attractiveness of your home.



If you cringe at the thought of hideous plastic storage crates and bland cardboard boxes, here are 10 simple, creative and functional home organization and storage ideas that will heighten your home’s aesthetic:


1) Display kitchen essentials on a tray

This easy hack can transform your kitchen: Round up your most-used kitchen items (i.e., olive oil, salt and pepper shakers) and place them on a decorative tray to help your kitchen counters look elegant and put-together.


2) Use a magnetic knife rack in your bathroom

Install a magnetic knife rack in your bathroom to ensure you always know where your nail clipper, bobby pins and tweezers are.


3) Display jewellery on your vanity

Instead of hiding away your stylish earrings and jewellery in a drawer, sort them into beautiful arrangements on a decorative catch-all dish, glass box, or by hanging them from a jewellery tree or cork board.


4) Buy matching hangers

If you often have visitors to your home, your entryway closet will see a lot of action. Buying matching hangers—especially good-quality wood hangers—will help your closet look tidy and uniform and save on space between hangers.


5) Keep boots looking their best

Do you hate the way your boots sag and lose their shape in your closet? Cut up a cheap pool noodle to pop in your boots and ensure they look their best, even when you’re not wearing them.


6) Pare down your linen closet

Give your linen closet a polished look by removing old, fraying or mismatched towels, extra sheet sets and other out-of-place items.


7) Group bathroom essentials together

Simply filling containers, such as a glass mason jar, with everyday items like cotton balls or Q-tips can beautify your counter while making things easier to reach for.


8) Upcycle tin cans

Wrap tin cans in colourful scrapbook paper to match your home’s decor. The colourful containers can then be used for anything from pens and pencils, to kitchen utensils or even flowers!


9) Tie linens and towel sets together with ribbon or twine

For a more coordinated look, sort and decorate your linen or towel sets with colorful ribbon, twine or yarn.


10) Organize pots and lids

Save yourself space (and headaches) by organizing pots and pot lids with a lid organizer or hardware store tension rod installed in a drawer.


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