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Low Cost Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Heating a house during cold weather can be expensive. When you want to save money on the utility bills and enjoy a cozy, warm house, you may wonder what steps you can take now to prepare for the season. These low cost ways to prepare your home for winter could save you money and also make your home more energy efficient.

One of the first steps you may take involves installing weatherstripping. This can be either foam or felt. It is sold at most hardware stores and is effective in stopping drafts and cold air from coming in around the doorways, windows, and cracks in the walls.

Another remedy that might work is putting a door sweep on the front and back doors. This installation is a strip of rubber or plastic that is held in place at the base of a door with aluminum. It prevents cold air from coming in under the door and into a house and the room in which the door is located.

Along with filling in gaps and cracks in the doors, walls, and windows, you also could do well to seal up air gaps in the attic. Cold air can come in through the attic and cause the utility bills to rise substantially during this season. Your house also will be drafty and uncomfortable instead of warm and snug.

To find the gaps and leaks, you are advised to pull back the insulation and inspect the attic. If you find any cracks, you can seal them up with caulk or foam. This safeguarding the upper level of a home can keep the bills low and make the residence warmer. You also can add more insulation to the attic if you find that the old insulation has grown thin or has become damaged.

If you have a chimney in the residence, you likewise are advised to close the draft to it once the weather turns colder. Cold air can come in through the flue of the chimney. Closing it off keeps the colder air out of the house. When you use the chimney, however, you will need to open the flue again.

These tricks can go a long way in making the home warmer during the winter. They are relatively simple and do not take a long time to complete. They can make the utility bills more affordable as well during this time of the year.