Capital Mortgages and HealthPartners Announces Unique Partnership for Our Health


They say a person’s home is their castle and that being healthy is being wealthy. There’s a natural fit between health and home — and the importance of both in our quality of life — which is why a new, unique partnership between HealthPartners and Capital Mortgages Inc. is so exciting!


This latest partnership represents more than a new fundraising avenue for HealthPartners, which connects people to health information, resources and life-saving and enhancing research through its 16 well-known and trusted health charities. Through Capital Mortgages, HealthPartners will also be reaching a new and different employee and customer base. Employees, consultants and brokers who work for Capital Mortgages, as well as ordinary Canadians who use the company’s brokerage services to buy a home.


“We all live in neighbourhoods and communities of every shape and size across Canada,” says Eileen Dooley, Chief Executive Officer of HealthPartners. “Just as HealthPartners is a connector to more than 1,200 health programs in communities across the country, helping to improve the health and well-being of Canadians who are impacted by chronic illness or a major disease, Capital Mortgages is a connector, helping people buy a home that fits their financial future. This is a perfect partnership because together we can make an impact not only on the financial health of home owners but on their personal health as well.”


This includes mental health and well-being, a strong interest of Capital Mortgages. “Given HealthPartners’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to the connection between physical and mental health — what HealthPartners calls ‘the mind–body connection’ — we felt there was an opportunity to educate and support our employees in this area,” says Andrew Furino of Capital Mortgages.


“HealthPartners’ study on this connection clearly illustrates the impact that chronic disease and other serious illnesses along with mental illnesses have on the workplace. We can marshal the resources of HealthPartners’ 16 member health charities to engage our employees and promote wellness programs that create healthier employees,” he adds.


“It’s a win–win partnership.”


“This unique partnership offers an exciting new opportunity for HealthPartners and our member charities to spread our message, connect more Canadians with the health information and resources they need, and enhance the ability of our members to engage in life-saving research,” adds Ms. Dooley. “We are thrilled that HealthPartners is viewed as an important partner in Capital Mortgages’ social responsibility platform.”