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As children, we had an innate ability to get what we wanted. We were relentless in our questions, and we got what we wanted by asking for it in as many different ways possible. We didn’t hint or hide behind a bushel; we aimed straight for the prize which was often our bag of sweets or that nice looking cake on the benchtop.

We just never gave up until our desires were met and if that meant bugging our parents till they were fed up of us then so be it.
But how many people learn to keep this helpful behavior when we grow into adults. The fact is not many people can blatantly ask for what they want directly. We’ve lost that ability to be innocent and eloquent. These days we hide our intentions behind a bushel and hint at what we want rather than ask politely.

What are we afraid of exactly? Why are we so cautious? Asking direct questions can lead to a direct answer. Either yes or no. It’s often because we don’t want to hear the word “NO” that we do make suggestions instead of questions and often why we are disappointed in the answer. It’s not so much we’re afraid to be told “NO, ” but it can be embarrassing and humiliating. Especially if you asked a favour. Either way, during our adolescence and growing up we have unfortunately lost the art of asking direct questions and instead have learned to hint, rather unsuccessfully I might add.

So how does all this relate to mortgages?
Often when people seek a mortgage broker, they are usually looking for a great rate. They’ve seen rates mentioned online and on television so they set out to find a broker that can help them get a better rate. Instead of asking a direct question the customers usually hint and make statements like:
“Another bank is offering better rates…”
“We’re after your best rate…”
“I want an x% reduction of this rate.”

These examples are all statements and hints rather than direct questions. Instead of getting an answer which you desire you are just opening up the conversation and turning it into a discussion.

What you should be asking the mortgage broker is:
“What is my best option to get the best rate?”
“How can I get an x% reduction in my current mortgage rate?”

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