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Your power or hydro bill can be a huge monthly expense. Unfortunately, there is no getting away with not paying this type of bill. If you are trying to stop wasting your hard earned cash on power bills, here are a few ways to save money on electricity.

Determine the off-peak hours that your utility company has decided on. During these hours, you will be charged less money for the power you use. Every company will have a chart on their website, detailing the costs and times of the day, giving you a better idea of how much energy you are spending.

To save money, run the dishwasher and washing machine during off-peak hours. If needed, leave the door open once all the dishes and clothes have been washed to air-dry them. Using a rack for drying your clothes works great in the hot summer months. In the winter months, you can use your spare room or the laundry room for drying your clothes, without the need for a tumble dryer.

Wash your large pans by hand so you are not using the dishwasher space. Doing your laundry during off-peak hours with cold water is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills. If you need to use the washing machine, only do full loads rather than half.

Every morning, open the curtains or blinds to light up the house with natural sunlight and warmth. This works great in the winter as well. Make sure you close them at night though to prevent heat from escaping.

Instead of leaving all the overhead lights on throughout the night, use a night light in the hallway. Energy Star bulbs are the best energy savers. You may also opt for motion sensor lights in case of late night bathroom runs. Another great tip to save money on energy bills is to take shorter showers instead of long baths.

Whenever you plug your electronics into an extension cord, remember to switch off the strip when not in use.

Using a microwave to reheat food instead of an oven uses less energy. Remember to keep your vents open to circulate air. Before going to bed, get into the routine of inspecting your home. Turn off the lights and save some money.