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Realtor’s Top 10 Tips for Impressing Potential Buyers

When re-selling your house, it’s wise to make it appealing enough so that potential buyers not only get impressed, but also feel a connection with the home hence prompting them to buy. These top 10 tips as recommended by real estate agents that are guaranteed to impress potential buyers.

Removing your personal photos

Photos are generally known to cause a lot of distraction to clients for they may end up focusing more on the photos thus missing out on the home’s key selling points. By removing them, buyers are more likely to pay attention to the home’s key features.

Accentuate the home’s best features

There’s always that one selling point that makes a client want to buy a home. It may be as simple as a nice view, spiral staircase or floating shelves, among others. The key is to accentuate this/these areas so as to give an irresistible wow effect.

Embrace Serenity

The last thing that you want in trying to impress potential buyers is distraction. Peace and quiet is hence the solution. To achieve this, you need to ensure that there’s minimal noise within and around the house. TVs as well as radios should be turned off. And just in case you feel the need to play music, opt for low volume soft jazz rather than other types of loud music.

Give the Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

No one is going to be impressed by old, chipped or faded paint, as it makes the house look dull, old and dirty. Therefore, invest in a coat or two of new paint. Neutral colors are ideal for relaxing and resting areas while satin is ideal for other common areas, like the kitchen, as it’s also easier to clean.

Get rid of all your stuff

People are known to perceive things differently. This is why it’s important that before a showing, you get rid of any objects or designs that can turn off a prospective buyer just because they perceived it/them as being annoying, irritating or offensive. Examples of this include artwork or collectibles.

Clean up

Clutter can easily mess up a sale. The key is to declutter the house by packing all the extra stuff. By so doing, the house will look both clean and spacious which is something that most home buyers look for.

Pet proofing the Pad

A house with pets is likely to have a distinct smell that the homeowner might not smell, but a client will. When making a listing and preparing your home for a viewing, ensure that you clean after your pets and ask an outsider to give your home a sniff test. You may also try using a few air purifiers.

Make your House Smell like Home

There’s a huge difference between a house and a home. Buyers prefer homes to houses. To create this kind of an atmosphere, you can try using air fresheners whose aroma create a homey feeling, like fresh scents in the laundry room and vanilla or cinnamon in the kitchen.

Flaunt the home’s assets

If there are some items that will be remaining in the house, place high quality printed cards on these items as they help in bringing focus to not just the house but also to these other features. Examples of these items include high-end and built in appliances. However, desist from over-using the cards. A maximum of 10 cards is enough.

Give the Buyer some Space

Buyers never want to discuss the specifics of the home with the seller around. If you believe in your house, you should let it sell itself. The best thing to do is, take some time away from the house, even if it’s to the yard or porch, and give the buyer the space they need to view the house by themselves. By so doing, they may end up staying longer and possibly, falling in love with the house.

Buying a New Home: Capital Mortgages Ottawa

The 5 C’s of Credit – What you need to know

We all know just how difficult it can be looking for the right property. Particularly in Canada, a wide range of Canadians are completely unaware of what you must consider before buying a property. It is without doubt that credit is an important factor however a lot of Canadians find it difficult to understand what this entails. In fact, credit involves a variety of different categories which is known as the five C’s of credit.

Lets discuss the five C’s of credit and what each of them represent in order to give you a better understanding of what you must keep in mind while looking for a property.

Credit is based around a variety of categories, these include;

1. Credit – It is no surprise that the first important piece is of course, credit. This particular factor is used to give the lender an idea on what the borrowers’ history is in terms of repayment. Credit is extremely important for the lender as it is the only way they are able to learn if the borrower is reliable or not.

2. Capacity – Capacity refers to the ability of repaying loans. Capacity is without doubt just as important as credit as it will allow the lender to look at the borrowers’ debt ratios including any payment history that has been made. These two points will show the lender if the borrower will be able to repay a loan or not.

3. Capital – This relates to how much money the borrower has invested into a property. The overall capital will allow the lender to see how much money you are willing to spend in a property and as a result, the lender can make a valuable decision.

4. Character – This particular factor relates to the borrower and if they can in trusted in terms of repayment. Areas such as the borrowers’ savings account as well as length of employment will help determine whether the borrower can be trusted to repay the loan.

5. Collateral – The last remaining C in credit is seen as a security blanket to the lender you could say. Collateral is used to include outside parties to ensure the loan will be repaid. A lot of the time if the borrower is unable to pay the loan back, the outside party must repay the loan.

Overall, the whole aspect using credit is to ensuring you receive an approval from the lender. Each of the C’s that are described above will allow the lender to fully understand and examine whether you are fully capable to repay the loan. As long as you are aware of what the lender is looking for then you should have no problem in getting a yes.